ADAMA MAKHTESHIM(Israel)'s CN Patent on Door-closer is Approved by CNIPA

CNIPA issued a Notice of Approval for Patent lately, which states that the CN patent right titled with "Preparation method for (4-isopropoxy-2-methyl) phenyl isopropyl ketone" was granted toADAMA MAKHTESHIM LTD(a company located in Israel), and the patent numbered isCN202010468817.7.

Beijing CAIHE Law Firm represented ADAMA MAKHTESHIM on this case before CNIPA.

The abstract of the patent is as follows:

Disclosed is a preparation method for (4-isopropoxy-2-methyl) phenyl isopropyl ketone, comprising: reacting m-cresol and thiocyanate under the action of a catalyst to obtain a product A; reacting the product A and halogenated isopropane under the action of alkali and the catalyst to obtain a product B; and reacting the product B and isopropyl magnesium halide for treatment to obtain the (4-isopropoxy-2-methyl) phenyl isopropyl ketone. The purity of the (4-isopropoxy-2-methyl) phenyl isopropyl ketone prepared by the steps is more than 99%, and the total yield is more than 79%. The method avoids the use of a toxic reagent and the generation of a large amount of acidic wastewater, lowers the reaction temperature, increases the reaction yield, has a simple and efficient process route, and reduces costs; and the obtained product has high purity. The method greatly improves the production safety, and is easy for industrialized popularization.

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