IMAGINE GLOBAL CARE(Japan)'s CN patent on Polysaccharide is Approved by CNIPA

CNIPA issued a Notice of Approval for Patent lately, which states that the CN patent right titled with "Polysaccharide having innate immunity stimulating activity and innate immunity stimulating agent or food and drink comprising thereof" was granted toIMAGINE GLOBAL CARE CORPORATION(a company located in Japan), and the patent numbered isCN202110838959.2.


Beijing CAIHE Law Firm represented IMAGINE GLOBAL CARE on this case before CNIPA.


The abstract of the patent is as follows:

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a novel substance having a natural immunostimulatory action. Provided are: a polysaccharide having a natural immunostimulatory action, characterized by comprising, as constituent saccharides, 25-50 parts by mol of galacturonic acid, 15-50 parts by mol of galactose, 0-7 parts by mol of glucose, 0-30 parts by mol of arabinose, 0-6 parts by mol of xylose and 3-15 parts by mol of rhamnose, and having, as the main chain, a polygalacturonic acid chain consisting of galacturonic acid residues linked by a-1,4-bonds; a natural immunostimulant which comprises the polysaccharide as an active ingredient; and a food or a drink comprising the polysaccharide.

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