DENKA(Japan) Winned the PIR Case on its Patent of Determination for LDL-CHOL

CNIPA issued the Patent Invalidation Request Examination Decision of No. 60416,which validates the Chinese invention patent of No.200880121086.6 titled with "Quantitative determination of small and dense LDL Cholesterol method and kit" on January 19, 2023, and the Request for invalidation was rejected simultaneously.


Beijing Caihe Law Firm was entrusted by Denka Co., Ltd.(a company located in Japan) to act as the attorney of the patentee in the above invalidation request case.


Highlights of this case:

The patent involved in the case,i.e. the Chinese invention patent of No.200880121086.6 (also known as the "method patent"), has a divisional patent whose number is 201410058250.0 (also known as the "product patent"). The product patent has been challenged by four patent invalidation requests before, and the final results are all valid.

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